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NYCTCM Bedside Acupuncture at Gouverneur Healthcare Services
Gouverneur Healthcare Services is a public healthcare service in New York City. As a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility of the Health & Hospitals Corporation (HHC), Gouverneur Healthcare Services has earned a reputation of excellence for more than thirty years. The new 210-bed Nursing Facility provides 24-hour care for individuals in need of short-or long-term care, offering skilled nursing and rehabilitation care.

Bedside acupuncture service in GH is set by New York College of Traditional College and Gouverneur Healthcare Services. It provides inpatients in the nursing facility the bedside acupuncture treatment for post stroke care and post orthopedics operative care.

Gouverneur Health - An academic affiliate of NYU School of Medicine & Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine

The benefits of acupuncture for post stroke patient:
- Facilitate nerve regeneration
- Decrease blood viscosity
- Prevent the aggregation of blood cells, dilate blood vessels by triggering the release of hormones, and help surviving nerve cells find new pathways, effectively by-passing damaged parts of the brain.
- Effective in treating headaches, dizziness and hypertension in stroke patients.

The benefits of acupuncture for post orthopedics operative care:
- Reducing pain and inflammation by adjusting the systemic energy flow
- Improving the general and local blood circulation
- Reducing swelling and edema
- Enhance the motivation for rehabilitation training

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