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Dr. Yemeng Chen
T: 516.739.1545 x208
E: president@nyctcm.edu

Admissions Manager
Ms. Lynn Bai
T: 516.739.1545 x211
E: admissions@nyctcm.edu

Records Manager
Ms. Susan Su
T: 516.739.1545 x213
E: records@nyctcm.edu

Clinic Director
Dr. Mona Lee-Yuan
T: 516.739.1545 x202
E: clinicdirector@nyctcm.edu

Administrative Dean
Ms. Megan Haungs
T: 516.739.1545 x216
E: admin_dean@nyctcm.edu

Operations Manager
Ms. Ling Ling Chang
T: 516.739.1545 x215
E: library@nyctcm.edu

Financial Manager
Ms. Lily Zou
T: 516.739.1545 x210
E: controller@nyctcm.edu

Clinic Manager
Ms. Kat Zhao
T: 516.739.1545 x203
E: clinicmanager@nyctcm.edu

Academic Dean
Dr. Sunny Shen
T: 516.739.1545 x218
E: academic_dean@nyctcm.edu

Financial Aid/Administrative Coordinator
Ms. Elise Ma
T: 516.739.1545 x212
E: financial_aid@nyctcm.edu

Financial Director
Ms. Kathy Zhou
E: financial_director@nyctcm.edu

CEU Coordinator
Dr. Bin Xu
T: 516.739.1545 x219
E: ceu@nyctcm.edu

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